The eastside submarket of Silver Lake is one of the most popular neighborhoods in L.A., but it hasn’t seen the development activity other markets have. That may be changing. Los Angeles developer Barth Partners is bringing the first condo project to the market in more than a decade, VICA, a 31-unit luxury and highly amenitized condo project. There is tremendous demand for housing in Silver Lake, but developers haven’t flooded into the market in the same way that they have in Hollywood, Downtown Los Angeles and even Glendale. Justin Barth, principal of Barth Partners, says that the community hesitation to growth and the challenges building in Los Angeles has made it challenging to build in the neighborhood, but his project is supported by the community thanks to its light environmental footprint, thoughtful design, and affordable price point. We sat down with Barth to talk about the project, the development in the market and why Silver Lake may be seeing more construction activity.