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Demetrios Louziotis

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Thought Leader Bio

In his role as the Managing Director of the ARGUS Global Real Estate Solutions Group, Demetrios Louziotis, Jr. brings over 25 years of real estate and finance experience, nearly half of which is in global markets. Prior to joining ARGUS, he was a director with Credit Suisse in New York and Tokyo. During his tenure with Credit Suisse, Demetrios founded the firm's International Real Estate Pricing Group, and went on to manage the Domestic Real Estate Pricing Group as well.

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For over 25 years, ARGUS Software has led the commercial real estate industry and served clients in over 60 countries. By developing exclusively for this industry, we consistently ensure our products support your ability to stay ahead of your competitors. At ARGUS Software, we strive to provide clients with solutions that are globally relevant, easy to use and save valuable time and money. For further information, visit