Jonathan D. Miller

Executive Bio

Jonathan Miller is a partner and co-owner of Miller Ryan LLC, a strategic marketing communications consulting firm to the financial services and real estate industries. Miller has more than 25 years of communications and marketing experience in the real estate industry, counseling many leading executives. For the past 15 years he has also authored Emerging Trends in Real Estate, the Urban Land Institute’s (ULI) premier annual industry forecast and speaks extensively on suburban and urban issues. He is also author of ULI's Infrastructure 2008: A Global Perspectives, a major analysis on the looming changes facing the

U.S. on infrastructure and land use issues. He has led marketing/communications teams at Equitable Real Estate, Lend Lease, and GMAC Commercial Mortgage (Capmark Finance), overseeing re-branding programs for those firms as well as for COMPASS, Boston Financial and Amresco when they were acquired by Lend Lease. He has extensive crisis communications and corporate-change experience. Miller graduated with honors from Northwestern's Medill School of Journalism and earned a law degree cum laude from American University. Contact Jonathan Miller.

  • Waiting to go poof

    The credit limbo gripping the real estate markets leaves some major developers in a Wylie Coyote mode. Theyīve stepped off the cliff and freeze in suspended animation, realizing they have no chance of getting back. They know itīs just a matter of time before a sudden, quick descent starts leading...

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  • Delaying the Inevitable

    "Sales of newly constructed single-family homes spiked 11% in June to an annualized rate of 384,000 homes. The gain over May was much greater than expected. A consensus of housing industry analysts had forecast seasonally adjusted sales of 352,000. However, sales are still 21% below the levels of a...

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  • Health Talk and Real Estate

    However the debate turns out, itīs clear that healthcare is big business... very big business. Itīs such a big business and so many companies, doctors, and lawyers profit off it, that the government has to reduce overall growth in costs or it could take us all down into a further pit of national and...

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  • Property Sector Rankings

    Itīs a case of worse, more worse, and worst when it comes to assessing the condition of U.S. property sectors.

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  • Another leg down

    Goldman Sachs reported giant $3.5 billion quarterly earnings so suddenly we should all believe everything has turned around in bank and financial companies. The sector's stocks shot up in anticipation of the news.  Indeed Goldman was the best of the banking group at taking low interest government...

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  • Lackluster Stimulus

    Concerns grow about the lackluster results from stimulus funding as unemployment increases and more Americans face financial strain. Meanwhile, the real estate industry waits to be swept further down the rapids with the falls lying ahead-dropping tenant demand and rent declines threaten already dwindling...

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  • Fireworks without Celebration

    Fewer communities had fireworks this year, but there was no skimping on the displays I saw around the Northeast spread out over the past week. The Fourth offers everyone a reliable, annual celebration of our heritage--security, freedom, and prosperity. Unfortunately I find in my recent travels, our current...

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  • Chaos in the States

    State governments around the country are in big trouble, ballooning deficits and dysfunctional legislators hamstring officials in confronting the financial crisis. Thatīs not good news for real estate players. Cutbacks hit slews of companies and not for profits, which depend on government contracts...

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  • Time to Sober Up

    In talking to various investment advisors, I get the sense they think theyīll need to promise 20% returns to get investorsī attention in the next generation of fund marketing. Placement agents "wonīt give us" any attention otherwise, says one manager. The rationale is low returns wonīt sell...

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  • Donīt be fooled

    The best you can say is it appears the financial system has "stabilized." Itīs at least fascinating, but actually kind of scary when you consider how the government and the banking giants manage to delay confronting the gargantuan toxic asset problem. Either explicitly or with winks and nods, everyone...

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