Jonathan D. Miller

Executive Bio

Jonathan Miller is a partner and co-owner of Miller Ryan LLC, a strategic marketing communications consulting firm to the financial services and real estate industries. Miller has more than 25 years of communications and marketing experience in the real estate industry, counseling many leading executives. For the past 15 years he has also authored Emerging Trends in Real Estate, the Urban Land Institute’s (ULI) premier annual industry forecast and speaks extensively on suburban and urban issues. He is also author of ULI's Infrastructure 2008: A Global Perspectives, a major analysis on the looming changes facing the

U.S. on infrastructure and land use issues. He has led marketing/communications teams at Equitable Real Estate, Lend Lease, and GMAC Commercial Mortgage (Capmark Finance), overseeing re-branding programs for those firms as well as for COMPASS, Boston Financial and Amresco when they were acquired by Lend Lease. He has extensive crisis communications and corporate-change experience. Miller graduated with honors from Northwestern's Medill School of Journalism and earned a law degree cum laude from American University. Contact Jonathan Miller.

  • Souring Moods

    During a speech I gave late last week In Syracuse, I asked the audience of about 200 land surveyors whether they thought the country was moving in the right or wrong direction. Only one 30-something woman meekly raised her hand half way up in the air to support a positive view, everyone else emphatically...

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  • The End of Stimulus

    The recession is over-thatīs what weīve been told. Job losses continue-albeit at a slowing rate. The car industry got a short term boost late last summer with cash for clunkers, but itīs been tougher going in showrooms since then. The housing sector appears to have bottomed, but house sales are...

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  • The Worldīs Highest Building

    To welcome in the New Year Dubai opens the worldīs tallest building-they donīt say exactly how high it is only that is at least 2,640 feet, far taller than Taipei 101 tower, which had been numero uno. For comparison sake Sears Tower (oh I mean Willis Tower) in Chicago is a relative small fry at...

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  • The Mirage Machine

    The end of the decade approaches and the next couple of weeks will be filled with stories about what a lost ten years itīs been-from Enron and 9/11 to Iraq and the credit meltdown. In real estate, we didnīt create much-except for a lot of overpriced condos and half baked Las Vegas hotels, but...

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  • Flight to Quality

    Amid all the talk about peak-to-trough value losses of 40 to 50 percent in commercial/multifamily real estate, some sectors in certain 24-hour cities may be firming up even as the overall market continues to sink-albeit more slowly. This very limited phenomenon embraces a classic flight to quality and...

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  • Not So Exceptional

    Ever since Ronald Reaganīs "Morning in America" optimism trumped Jimmy Carterīs attempt at straight talk about malaise, Americaīs leaders have been careful to latch onto the notion of American exceptionalism, the idea that our democracy and our way of life will prevail because we are somehow...

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  • Was Tiger Rushing for Black Friday Deals?

    Did you go shopping on Black Friday and line up at 3 a.m. at your local Wal-Mart or Penneyīs? Did you get that great deal on something you or your family probably doesnīt need like the high definition TV which uses five times as much electricity as your old color set? Did you do your national duty...

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  • From the Road

    Here are some thoughts from the road after three weeks of Emerging Trends speeches:

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  • We can only hope for higher interest rates

    We begin to see more headlines about workouts and loan restructurings. Donald Trump is left with 10% of his name-branded Atlantic City casinos, the most recent buyer of the New York Times building near Times Square got left holding the bag and takes a bath along with some big name lenders. Bankers give...

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  • Sleeping Better

    Iīve been up in Canada over the past week, and itīs obvious Americans could learn a few things from our neighbors to the north. Canadaīs economy appears to be (really) stabilizing after a comparatively mild downturn and commercial real estate markets should follow suit-value declines have been...

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