Anthony LoPinto

Korn/Ferry International

Executive Bio

For more than a decade, Anthony LoPinto has been serving his clients with deep knowledge and perspective on talent needs and organizational challenges to public and private companies knowledge gained from a 25-year career in real estate. Prior to his current position, he founded and served as chief executive officer of a boutique real estate executive search firm, where he oversaw offices in New York, Chicago, Washington, DC, San Francisco and Los Angeles. He has successfully led several high profile search engagements for chief executive officers, directors and a wide-range of executive level positions across all industries and sectors.

He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in European history from Loyola University in Chicago.

  • Capital Raisers

    Few managers escaped the last downturn, so the evaluation of what fund to invest in depends on how the manager navigated the storm and dealt with the investors.

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  • Rejection

    Are we are in for a period of ultra-cautious compensation committees and compensation consultants?

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  • A Big, Bad Bet

    A decrease in compensation would help banks more than increased regulation

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    Professionals at all levels should scrub their résumés to insure accuracy in every respect.

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  • Ms. CEO

    A shocking number of women aren’t in the CEO position.

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  • Boom & Bust

    The stage is now set for the banks to slash jobs and reduce pay by about 30% across all levels, from young associates to senior bankers, and real estate has not escaped the most recent carnage.

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  • Pork Tax

    The real problem is that our tax system is broken, and pork barrel government spending is out of control.

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  • Quick Pix Bucks

    Real estate may not be "fun and quirky", but it is a hugely fertile ground for digital opportunities as digital marketing is rapidly becoming the preferred medium.

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  • Nine Billion

    If Washington cannot see its way clear to invest in the space program, what is it going to do to fix our crumbling infrastructure?

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  • Miss Piggy

    The power of the Internet and social media to both disseminate and virally expand a story draws everyone into the net.

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