Anthony LoPinto
Global Sector Head, Real Estate
Korn/Ferry International

Executive Bio

Tony LoPinto is the Global Sector Leader of Korn Ferry’s Real Estate Practice and founder of SelectLeaders. For the past 18 years LoPinto has been serving his clients with deep knowledge and perspective on talent needs and organizational challenges to public and private companies – knowledge gained from a 25-year career in real estate. Prior to his current position, he founded and served as chief executive officer of a boutique real estate executive search firm, where he oversaw offices in New York, Chicago, Washington, DC, San Francisco and Los Angeles. He has successfully led several high profile search engagements for chief executive officers, directors and a wide-range of executive level positions across all industries and sectors.

He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in European history from Loyola University in Chicago.

  • Happy Times On the Development Front!

    The era of the “choppy” recovery appears to be behind us, and the most compelling barometer of a real recovery is that development is not only back in vogue, but it is back in full swing.

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  • City Politics

    I am sad to see Mayor Bloomberg leave office, but I am excited that I will visit many cities that will begin to shine thanks to the Bloomberg team that was assembled in NYC.

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  • A Remarkable Story

    The final chapter of a remarkable turnaround occurred yesterday when GGP became an S&P 500 company.

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  • Supply & Demand

    Once-vacant condos are getting bought again, and construction is on the rise to accommodate foreign buyers' appetites.

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  • Paper Versus Plastic

    I am not sure how many customers think about the benefit of picking paper, but environmentalists sure do.

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  • Seal of Approval

    There is now a rating bestowed on employers, certifying for-profit companies with a “B Corp” logo, and it carries weight.

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  • Blue Laws

    So much for the Blue Laws and what’s left of our day of rest.

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  • Overhaul

    I have been sitting on the sidelines on the Obama Care program, but with the most recent fiasco surrounding the program’s website, I am compelled to comment.

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  • Chutzpah

    Paul Reichmann, chief strategist and architect of Olympia & York, died last Friday, and we lost one of the great developers of all time.

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  • Big Bad Gov

    With our recovering real estate markets comes continuing uncertainty promoted by bureaucrats from the far left and far right.

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