Anthony LoPinto
Global Sector Head, Real Estate
Korn/Ferry International

Executive Bio

For more than a decade, Anthony LoPinto has been serving his clients with deep knowledge and perspective on talent needs and organizational challenges to public and private companies Ė knowledge gained from a 25-year career in real estate. Prior to his current position, he founded and served as chief executive officer of a boutique real estate executive search firm, where he oversaw offices in New York, Chicago, Washington, DC, San Francisco and Los Angeles. He has successfully led several high profile search engagements for chief executive officers, directors and a wide-range of executive level positions across all industries and sectors.

He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in European history from Loyola University in Chicago.

  • Trust Me

    For the revenue-starved federal government, one can predict a move to look at the legislation to find more tax revenues which doesnít bode well for any REIT.

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  • Security

    The commercial real estate industry unfortunately canít escape the senseless violence that took place in Boston.

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  • Plenty of Perks

    Itís shocking that in todayís environment of corporate scrutiny that CEOs still enjoy perks such as private jets.

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  • Banking Boards

    For some reason, the board members of larger banks are making more money than ever while these institutions are under pressure.

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  • Freelance Benefits

    The freelance market is growing. If you're in it, there are health-insurance benefits.

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  • Cyber Security

    If Michelle Obama and large corporations arenít safe from cyber threats, your own business probably isnít either.

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  • Picking Up Roots

    Relocating for a new commercial real estate job is an increasing reality in this environment, and itís not always pretty.

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  • Office Visit

    There is no denying the benefits of in-office interaction, but a balance mixture of face time and telecommuting best serves firms in todayís environment.

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  • Roof Rights

    Developers have long dealt with air-right transactions. Get ready now for roof right battles.

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  • Fewer Boxes

    Retail landlords are in for another shock as the office-supply sector begins to consolidate and shrink

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