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Thought leadership on a variety of CRE related issues including phase 1 and phase 2 environmental site assessments by expert environmental consultants and building engineers.
  • Creating an Energy Efficient Plan—One Step at a Time

    Intimidated by Accomplishing an Energy Efficiency Plan? An energy efficiency plan doesn't have to be so complicated. Clare Broderick, PE, LEED AP discusses how to create, manage, and follow through on a successful step by step plan.

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  • 6 Signs You Need a Geotechnical Study Before You Make a Loan

    Matthew Marcus explains when it's important for lenders to consider a geotechnical study as part of their due diligence process.

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  • When Is Cleaning Up a Dry-Cleaner Worth the Risk?

    Current or historic dry-cleaner operations are seen as a deal-killer by many shopping center investors, lenders and their attorneys - but they dont have to be! There are a number of things that can be done to enable transaction parties to move ahead with these potentially lucrative deals while adequately mitigating risks and liabilities.

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  • How Environmental Liability Affects Private Equity

    To adequately identify and address deal-killing issues, M&A deals require not only close consideration of financial and legal risks, but also a thorough physical due diligence process to comprehensively address environmental risks and liabilities. John Insall, LEP discusses how environmental liability affects private equity.

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  • Using Phase IIs to Avoid a "Bottomless" Environmental Mess

    CHARLOTE, N.C.As Partner's Kristine MacWilliams sees it, even a smaller scope Phase II can save on long-term costs and liability in the long run.

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  • PCAs With A Twist

    Property Condition Assessments (PCAs) are a typical part of most real estate transactions. While the scope for PCAs is generally quite standardized, certain instances warrant a more tailored approach. Aaron Kovan discusses two such PCAs "with a twist".

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  • What Lenders Need To Know About Fannie 2.0

    Starting January 1, all loans securitized by Fannie Mae must adhere to the updated Fannie 2.0 guidelines. Drew McCreery summarizes some of the key changes to requirements for consultants, templates and reporting practices.

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  • Who Will Pay For LA’s Retrofit Ordinance?

    A proposed plan requiring mandatory retrofits of wood-frame and certain concrete buildings in LA has been announced. It's an important step towards creating a more resilient city, but concerns have been raised about who should pay for this effort. Finding creative financing solutions will be critical to the success of LAs retrofit program.

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  • In a Nutshell: Beige Book on CRE Markets

    The December Beige Book paints a positive picture of economic conditions across the country. Bill Tryon summarizes the Fed's key commentary about Commercial Real Estate and Construction Markets.

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  • Doing the Numbers: Is Solar a Smart Investment?

    Solar systems have enjoyed a growth spurt in recent years, and are drawing interest from the commercial real estate community. How should owners, investors and lenders calculate the value a solar system brings to a real estate asset to help them make better business decisions?

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