Saturday, November 28, 2015

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  • Are You a Hog?

    As sellers continue to gain confidence, should we expect an easing of the residential inventory squeeze in 2013?

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  • Onward to Recovery

    With the elections behind us, let's hope that at least some of the uncertainty that plagued that market has been alleviated.

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  • More of the Same

    We put way too much stock in the passing of the old year and the coming of the new. I’ve always felt that other than an excuse to party (never a bad thing) New Year’s celebrations are much ado about nothing. Just the rolling of days, one after the other. Only this and nothing more. …

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  • Operation Sacred Trust Helps Returning Military

    MIAMI—An Miami affordable housing developer is leading the charge in an effort to help military veterans transition into civilian life.

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  • Finding that Sweet Spot

    When you go to sell a home, there are two major things that can keep a decent home from selling in a good market...

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  • Things to Do in Denver . . . .

    Expect more of the same, a crawl toward stability with stabilizing fundamentals as employment continues to shore up, and capital markets that promise, at least in the mid-term, an oversupply of equity and undersupply of debt.

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  • A Good Idea at the Time

    The world has evolved in the 47 years since the Seward Park redevelopment was first envisioned, but the plan still makes sense. Transformational projects don’t always have such a long shelf life.

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  • Why CRE Brokers Are Returning to Nashville

    What’s your take on Nashville? Beyond the healthcare sector, what’s driving the rebound in this southern city? And, brokers, are you seeing more competition, easier deal making?

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  • Here We Go Again

    WASHINGTON, DC-Congress is stuck in a default loop of deny, deny, deny the other side any satisfaction at all.

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  • Church and the State of Your Business

    I saw first-hand a team of 30-something young brokers fired up about their prospects not only in the industry but at AY and a cohesive support group to ensure their success. It was (dare I say it?) thrilling

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