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Maura O'Connor
Maura O'Connor is a commercial real estate lawyer and the managing partner of O’Connor Cochran LLP in Los Angeles. After heading the Southern California real estate practices of two major national law firms, she co-founded a boutique women-owned real estate and finance law firm. Maura also was the first female chair of the Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation.

Her specialties include real estate financings, distressed loan enforcement, real estate acquisitions, and retail leasing, where she has created and implemented cutting edge large-scale systematized and scalable programs to deliver cost-effective legal services. Maura also has significant experience in handling foreign direct investment transactions by new entrants into the US and California markets.

Maura was named one of the top 10 real estate lawyers in Southern California by Real Estate Southern California. She frequently speaks about real estate law and related matters to industry groups. Contact Maura O'Connor.
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Another excellent clarification, Maura, of how things work with California guarantees! I'm sure I'm not alone on hoping that your schedule will allow for some new blog entries again soon.

On this guarantee topic, I ran across one source recently: , which claimed that lenders may sometimes even buy the property themselves at a trustee's sale and pay far less than fair market value...thereby enjoying a considerable windfall, even before they fully pursue guarantors.

Does that seem credible?
Posted by B. Thom | Friday, December 14 2012 at 3:46PM ET