Executive Watch


I have read from time to time about how “net neutrality” or otherwise keeps government out of the Internet regulatory business. Well, it now has my attention. ObamaCare is now superseded by ObamaNet, the administration’s plan to regulate the Internet.

Hail a Taxi

Uber drivers are suing the company to be treated as regular employees, which would disrupt the disruptive on-demand car service. Here's why it's a bad idea.

Road Not Taken

As the class of 2015 readies for graduation and the launch of their careers, the outlook is much brighter than it has been since the great recession.

Higher Calling

The Wall Street Journal recently ran an article about the growing trend of companies focusing on the lofty mission of making a better world, prompted by young workers who—in addition to a paycheck—say they want to make a difference, and employers who try to rationalize how to combine their bottom line with endeavors to improve mankind.

Cheap Insurance

All too often new employees at all levels—from administrative to C-Suite executives—arrive on the job to find their employer is ill-equipped to prepare them for their new environment.


Unpaid internships have provided many a budding professional with entry into coveted fields. But one lawsuit may end that.

Chinese Hospitality

Angbang Insurance Group bought the famed Waldorf Astoria for $1.9 billion, and that's just the start of Chinese ambition in the U.S.

More Pork

Washington is at it again. As if the one-two tax punch a year ago wasn’t enough, the White House’s 2016 budget proposal would raise at least $1.5 trillion in new taxes over the next decade, mostly from the wealthy.

Simple Math

It seems that even the most basic interview protocols sometimes need a refresher.


Incredibly, yesterday J.C. Penney announced that it is resurrecting its print catalog. determining that its online sales were stimulated by shoppers who are inspired by what they saw in print.

Security Check

This was the week that was in Paris...

Body Cam

Police adoption might just be the first—and least useful—application

Black Monday

Life is lonely at the top. While the average tenure of a Fortune 500 CEO is only 4.6 years, it's even more precarious for the top dogs in professional sports.

Kids Get Cash

Ho, ho, ho! As we begin the holidays, the undergraduate class of 2015 can look forward to something college graduates haven’t seen in a while: cash in the bank.

Bid Back

Beware, hiring managers: counteroffers are making a comeback after falling out of favor during the recession.