Executive Watch

Old Habits Die Hard

The Daimler plan is aimed at putting an end to intrusions on family time, according to the company. Bravo Daimler, but old habits die hard.

Money in the Bank

We are increasingly in a “plug and play” employment market that does not accommodate the training of young talent.

Old Stuff

Our urban artifacts are treasures, and our young developers should focus on redevelopment of the “old stuff.”

Changing Landscape

Yesterday, Zillow and Trulia, the two portals that dominate the online residential listing space, announced their possible merger. Residential brokers are shuttering.

A Capitalist Tool

My sadness to see the Forbes family depart from control of Forbes was more sentimental than practical. Our economies are global, and Forbes’ list of the richest people on earth is increasingly global.

Young and Hungry

What’s the connection between Mario Götze and the young interns? Young and hungry. Hire an undergraduate intern next summer.

Steve Jobs Vs. Cuddly Tim

Apple is gearing up to launch a large-screen iPhone in the fall, a day late and dollar short. So much for creativity and innovation.

Second Banana

While supremacy comes with significant influence and authority, true power can be found in much more interesting places than the CEO's chair

Compensation Wake-Up Call

Put on your seat belts, CFOs, and up the ante on your compensation forecasts.

Java Books

Our federal, state, and local priorities misplaced when it comes to education, so we applaud Starbucks on its brave new initiative.

Lonely At the Top

Income disparity between male and female executives is a sad but true fact, and regrettably there is little being done to correct these sorry statistics anytime soon.

Sky’s the Limit

With its amazing satellite technology, Google's new satellite agenda is going to be a game changer.


Careful, Blackstone took a big-odds bet on the Vegas Craps table.

Mall Stall

As the retail sector convenes in Las Vegas for its annual gathering, the Internet, and increasingly the shakeup among the weaker anchors, will occupy plenty of conversations around the Roulette table.

Chilly At the Top

Clearly the buck stops at the CEOs desk, and when it does, it gets very chilly at the top.