Executive Watch

A Little Bit of Love

On balance, a company will keep more talent by helping its professionals grow rather than maintain the status quo.

More With Less

Job growth is confirming the recovery, but the economy continues to adjust to a contraction of the workforce as industry squeezes more out of payroll dollars with fewer employees.

The Russians Aren't Coming

As Putin sets his sights on Crimea and the Ukraine, a chill is beginning to be felt in the ultra-high-end luxury apartment market in certain areas.

Home Sweet Home

Watch out Hilton, this is real competition, especially for the holiday traveler trade.

Shelf Space for Heartburn

Oversize shelf packaging means more square footage requirements. It’s not only a sad story for net lease retail investors, its also a solid contribution to global warming.

Skin In the Game

A recent study found that CEOs of family-owned companies worked 8% fewer hours than execs without “genetic” connections.

Money Bags

Happy days are expected to continue on this year as the titans of PE Land continue to harvest handsome gains on more old dogs.

Mergers & Acquisitions

As the stocks and earnings keep rising, we may see an active M&A market as CBRE and JLL focus on driving growth

Union Town

The United Auto Workers vote had far greater implications then just for the plant. It was a sign of the further erosion of the US labor movement.

I Quit!

The positive news on the “Quit Rate” front is another signal that the recovery is alive and well.

Young Pups

Banking is alive and well and will desperately need young and emerging talent.

Key to the Future

The technological changes that lay before us are fantastic, exciting, and they will be transformative.

Melting Ice Cube

Online commerce is only in the second inning of a sea change that will materially, and forever, change retailing.

Risky Business

Cyber risk seems pretty far away from managing risk for the hard asset real estate industry. Well, think again.

Happy Times On the Development Front!

The era of the “choppy” recovery appears to be behind us, and the most compelling barometer of a real recovery is that development is not only back in vogue, but it is back in full swing.