Executive Watch

Simple Math

It seems that even the most basic interview protocols sometimes need a refresher.


Incredibly, yesterday J.C. Penney announced that it is resurrecting its print catalog. determining that its online sales were stimulated by shoppers who are inspired by what they saw in print.

Security Check

This was the week that was in Paris...

Body Cam

Police adoption might just be the first—and least useful—application

Black Monday

Life is lonely at the top. While the average tenure of a Fortune 500 CEO is only 4.6 years, it's even more precarious for the top dogs in professional sports.

Kids Get Cash

Ho, ho, ho! As we begin the holidays, the undergraduate class of 2015 can look forward to something college graduates haven’t seen in a while: cash in the bank.

Bid Back

Beware, hiring managers: counteroffers are making a comeback after falling out of favor during the recession.

Compensation Catch-Up

Last week the Labor Department reported that 321,000 jobs were added to the economy in November, driving down the unemployment rate to 5.8%. By itself, that's very impressive news on the recovery. But the more impressive news was that the robust gains were led by the professional and business services sector that fueled 86,000 new jobs.

Mozzarella Action

Over the past few months I have reported on the dramatic negative Omni-channel impact on the mall business.

Data Breach

Over the past year we have heard about major security breaches at Target, Home Depot, JPMorgan Chase.

The Have-Mores

I reckon that a large proportion of the readers of this column are too young to remember “The Millionaire,” a TV show that premiered in 1955 and ran until 1961. The plot surrounded a guy who gave away a million dollars to people that he did not know.

Digital CEO

Once upon a time, a CEO was given a pass on tech-savvy knowledge and skills, rationalizing that he or she could hire the necessary talent to help navigate emerging and future technology, e-commerce and Omni-Channel trends. This is no longer true.

Don’t Forget the Spouse

It's time to take familial and spousal concerns seriously when trying to recruit.


How bad is the graying in the CRE workforce?

Small Boxes

With its changing strategy, Walmart underscores the new needs in the retail organization.