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Strong Job Market Fuels Debt Availability

SAN MATEO, CA—With rents nearly 30% below market rates and office vacancy near historic lows, available financing should continue for qualified sponsors as market fundamentals remain strong and tenant demand remains high.

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San Francisco Headlines

AMD Relocates HQ from Sunnyvale to Santa Clara

SANTA CLARA, CA—After an exhaustive search, Advanced Micro Devices will relocate its tech platform to a headquarters facility in Santa Clara Square, with moving to begin in a year.


L5 Partner Predicts Dip But Not in Near Future

SACRAMENTO—Michael Flaherty, founder and managing partner of L5 Investments, recently shared the firm's strategy for identifying apartment investments, due diligence process and what the future holds in this EXCLUSIVE.

Robust Leasing Shows No Softening in Luxury Housing

SAN FRANCISCO—Much is being made of the softening of the multifamily leasing market, but these conditions do not affect every development, as evidenced by the robust level of leasing activity at 340 Fremont.

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Colliers Made Kristina Leighty An Offer She Couldn't Refuse

WASHINGTON, DC--Colliers International is expanding its project management service line by building a dedicated team for the brokerage community, which is where Leighty comes in.

Event Coverage

Understanding the Four Pillars of Workplace Vitality

IRVINE, CA—Engagement, collaboration, well-being and productivity are necessary in the workplace in order to attract and retain talent, Dr. Tracy Brower tells in this recap of a recent CoreNet SoCal event.

Winick Realty Group Hires its Second Generation

NEW YORK CITY—The daughter of founder Jeff Winick has joined the firm—which specializes in retail real estate—as an associate.

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CRE's Best Bosses

True leaders manifest themselves not only through performance but also—and arguably more importantly—by the way their employees feel about them. Meet this year’s best bosses in the business.

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