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Nina J. Gruen

Nina J.Gruen has been the Principal Sociologist in charge of market research and analysis at Gruen Gruen + Associates (GG+A) since co-founding the firm in 1970. Ms. Gruen applies the analytical techniques of the social sciences to estimating the demand for real estate and to understanding the culture of the groups who determine the success of development, planning, and public policy decisions. She is a pioneer in synthesizing the results of behavioral research with quantitative time-series data to forecast market reactions. Market and community attitude evaluations and programming studies led by Nina Gruen have resulted in the development and redevelopment of many retail, office, industrial, visitor, and residential projects, varying in scale from a single building to large single- and mixed-use projects.


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That is a wonderful piece of advice on declining malls but I believe, as many in my industry, the continued references to "Obamacare" were more than a show of bias, something CRE Professionals should steer clear of at all cost. On that same note, I have seen a decrease in my healthcare cost and continue to visit the same doctor I have used for 25+ years.
Posted by Diana P | Tuesday, April 08 2014 at 5:52PM ET