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Lisa Pendergast Joins New York Mortgage Trust’s Board

Pendergast’s appointment follows research by Wells Fargo & Co. that REITs with more women on the boards deliver better performance.


Solutions to Oversaturated Luxury Apt. Markets

Many developers are now looking at designing more cost-effective buildings, being more disciplined as to where they add the bling, but making sure that the amenities and common areas create a socially oriented lifestyle for the residents, Newman Garrison’s Kevin Newman tells

Middle Market Digest

Middle Market Digest: This Week in the North West

Here’s a look at this week's trends, announcements and deals that you may have missed in the country’s North West region.

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How Rising Interest Will Affect Net Lease Opportunities

W. P. Carey’s Gino Sabatini previews the April 4-5 RealShare Net Lease conference in New York with state of the industry insights.