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Multifamily Lending Hit New High in 2016

“Market momentum has continued in 2017, with strong demand from borrowers and a strong appetite to lend,” says Jamie Woodwell with the Mortgage Bankers Association.


Labor Shortage Spikes Construction Costs

Evident in markets such as San Francisco and New York City for some time, the dearth of qualified workers “has now become a national issue,” says Julian Anderson of Rider Levett Bucknall.

Fundamentals for Rental Demand Are Good

Panelists in the opening economic session held Thursday morning at RealShare Apartments 2017 say that the growth beyond where we are at today is going to be in the urbanizing nodes of secondary cities.

Institutional SFR Share Up in Non-Primary Markets

Counter to the nationwide trend, the institutional-investor share of single-family home purchases increases from a year ago 31% in 37% of zip codes analyzed in ATTOM Data’s latest report.