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Hunt Mortgage Closes on First CLO

The lender’s first-ever collateralized loan obligation will provide Hunt Mortgage Group with “a predictable and stable source of long-term non-recourse balance sheet financing,” says president James Flynn.


Cost-Burdened Renters: Not Who You Think

Millennials comprise the nation’s largest renter population, and are at the beginning of their careers. Yet ABODO Apartments says that doesn’t tell the whole story.

Prospect for Future Home Demand is ‘Hopeful’

“Even as Millennials continued to delay marriage and family formation and pursue higher education levels, the Homeownership Progress Index only declined moderately” year over year, says First American Financial’s Mark Fleming.


2017's Best Bosses in the Business

All successful leaders share similar qualities, but the best ones have that extra, oft-undefinable “something” that attracts and drives those around them. It’s also a quality shared by all the individuals on our second annual shortlist of the Best Bosses in commercial real estate.