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Where Transit Goes, Office Tenants Follow

WASHINGTON, DC—Office vacancies in transit-served submarkets are 370 basis points lower. JLL’s Scott Homa describes the correlation between demand and existing or forthcoming mass transit access.

Home Affordability Hits 8-Year Low 

IRVINE, CA—The “silver lining” in ATTOM Data Solutions’ latest report is that wage growth is outpacing home price growth in a majority of markets, says the firm’s Daren Blomquist.

Event Coverage

How the Private-Pay Home Care Industry is Changing

SAN DIEGO—Panelists at the recent NIC Spring Investment Forum talk about how more home care organizations are moving toward tech-enabled models and online direct-to-consumer platforms.

New CRE Securities Allow Long or Short Bets

TACOMA, WA—CBRE Capital Advisors will be the exclusive broker for Global Index Group’s initial duETS product will be tied to changes in the NCREIF Property Index.