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Using TIC Ownership for Maximum 1031 Tax Benefits

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA—Setting up a TIC well in advance of making a 1031-exchange transaction will legitimize it as a business decision rather than merely a means to avoid taxation, helping investors avoid red flags to the IRS, speakers at the IMN Multifamily Forum say.

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Food and Beverage’s Role in New Real Estate

LAS VEGAS—How has the role of entertainment retail changed—especially as it pertains to food and beverage? Panelists and experts we spoke with take a closer look at ICSC’s RECon 2017 event.

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Fannie Mae Updates Requirements for Green Building Financing Option

Fannie Mae has made some revisions to its popular Green Financing program to improve the processing of green mortgage loans.  On Monday May 22nd,…


New GSE Program Incentivizes Affordable Developers To Build For Health

WASHINGTON, DC--"We think there is a clear connection between affordable housing and the health of the folks that live there," Fannie Mae's Bob Simpson tells