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Washington, DC reporter Erika Morphy goes deep inside the DC power scene to explore the link between Capitol Hill and your assets. Erika Morphy has been a financial journalist for 20 years. She’s been covering the capital markets for ALM since 2004. Contact Erika Morphy.

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I read Mr Smith's evaluation of the economy and do not disagree with his evaluation with the exception of the "Fiscal Cliff" and Dodd-Frank".

Frankly, I am far less concerned with these two. My evaluation is based upon our experience with the S & L's created recession of 1989 to 1996. It took us until 1996 to reach stabilization, not unlike what we are currently experiencing in the movement of our current recovery. My observation is let us go "over" the fiscal cliff, restore taxes to the Clinton era and start to enforce Dodd-Frank. This will get both the Republicans & Democrats "off the hook" and NO DISASTER will happen to our recovery. Regarding the issues with "Entitlements", This is all a manufactured morass. NO one has yet explained what the specific entitlement the Republicans are objecting to and for what specific reason. All we have received is innuendos as to what lies ahead. What we really need to object to are the entitlements that the Senators and Representatives have entrusted to themselves as elected officials, remove these and place them on the same footing as the rest of the American Citizens have earned, paid for and are now or soon will receive and the issues of entitlements will soon be resolved!

Harvey M. Jacobson, MBA/CEO, Keller Williams Realty Market Place - Commercial Division
Posted by harveyjacobson@cox.net | Tuesday, November 27 2012 at 8:50AM ET
Let me just say that our website rentalleaseagreement.com has seen a huge JUMP in rental forms since the recession. I think more people are still trending renting vs owning which is bad for USA.
Posted by joege18 | Tuesday, November 27 2012 at 8:53AM ET