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Carrie Rossenfeld is a reporter for the West Coast region of GlobeSt.com and Real Estate Forum. She was a trade-magazine and newsletter editor in New York City before moving to Southern California to become a freelance writer and editor for magazines, books and websites. Rossenfeld has written extensively on topics including commercial real estate, running a medical practice, intellectual-property licensing and giftware. She has edited books about profiting from real estate and has ghostwritten a book about starting a home-based business.

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The survey cited here is deeply flawed by its failure to properly inform or question the response pool about present SEC regs that cap crowdfunding investments to a maximum of $1,000,000 per company (project sponsor).

Most people seem to be ignorant about this restriction or its impact on this platform's viability, including perhaps the author of this Globe Street story.

Seccondly, self-promoting success metrics served up by groups like Realtymogul lack transparency and should be responsibly scrutinized before being cited as legitimate measures of actual progress to date or as a solid base for expected follow on growth. For instance, to what extent does SFR product account for deals actually FUNDED to date? Also, to what extent does third party debt financing account for the aggregate deal value statistics being cited? Lastly, how do Realtymogul and other CRE focused crowdfunding startups intend on achieving their lofty projections given the new SEC fund raise cap?
Posted by DissentingView | Thursday, March 27 2014 at 12:01PM ET