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When you establish a short time horizon buy goal of 'say $1 billion dollars to be achieved through third party investor capital (Guardian) at a time when asset prices remain QE hyper inflated and MF value add / core plus is today's latest hot new fad, this is a morale hazard 2006 replay illustration as good as any.

The investment sales brokers are smiling knowing your investment discipline is fairly soft and you can be relied on to make best and final and prevail at the hyper inflated max price.

Amnesia has taken root - with many investor backed operators committed to a ramp up march - what a short memory the insurers and pension plans have!

One has to wonder to what extent these are indiscriminate purchases of MF value add & core plus assets in gateway cities are today's most popular fad and are highly risky use of your investor's capital

Posted by DissentingView | Friday, April 04 2014 at 11:18AM ET