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Erika Morphy
Washington, DC reporter Erika Morphy goes deep inside the DC power scene to explore the link between Capitol Hill and your assets. Erika Morphy has been a financial journalist for 20 years. She’s been covering the capital markets for ALM since 2004. Contact Erika Morphy.

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On an important side note regarding the article:
"Plus the pass through component allows owners to pass expenses on to tenants."
Many landlords don't care and don't go to the effort of challenging government determined values and keeping costs contained (as if it were their money). That is morally wrong. It's pretty simple from a pretty well known Authority, "Love one another" and "Love your neighbor as yourself". That means our tenants, too. We can do better for them. Mike Brady
Posted by Mike B | Friday, August 15 2014 at 9:43AM ET