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Washington, DC reporter Erika Morphy goes deep inside the DC power scene to explore the link between Capitol Hill and your assets. Erika Morphy has been a financial journalist for 20 years. She’s been covering the capital markets for ALM since 2004. Contact Erika Morphy.

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We are talking about fundemental of the mother of all real estate, commercial or residential wise.

May be we are at a transition period. If interest rate up too fast, from bull to bear? Single tenant and multi units are over heated. May be some adjustment is coming?
Posted by Steve H | Tuesday, August 19 2014 at 6:04PM ET
Nothing we can do about rising interest rates. Rising construction costs are another thing however. Assuming we are talking mostly about material cost increases rather than labor cost increases may be seen as a potential opportunity. If we were able to produce the materials in the US as opposed to buying from overseas it may be an opportunity to create jobs rather than lose jobs to producers overseas.
Posted by Daniel G | Monday, August 25 2014 at 9:22AM ET