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Erika Morphy
Washington, DC reporter Erika Morphy goes deep inside the DC power scene to explore the link between Capitol Hill and your assets. Erika Morphy has been a financial journalist for 20 years. She’s been covering the capital markets for ALM since 2004. Contact Erika Morphy.

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The Fed won't begin raising the Fed Funds Rate until it winds down QE3, which is scheduled to occur in October. Once they wind down QE3, however, an increase in the Fed Funds Rate will follow closely behind. It could begin as early as the first quarter, or as late as the third quarter, of 2015. See, "Why Do Yield Curves Of Treasury Securities Forecast The Business Cycle So Well?" http://www.realforecasts.com/why-do-yield-curves-of-treasury-securities-forecast-business-cycles-so-well/
Posted by Jeff Peshut | Wednesday, August 20 2014 at 10:04AM ET