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Thought leadership on a variety of CRE related issues including phase 1 and phase 2 environmental site assessments by expert environmental consultants and building engineers.
  • Putting New Hotels in Old Buildings - What Are The Risks?

    Chicago is going through a mini-boom of new hotels, many of which are converted old buildings. While these adaptive re-use projects can be very profitable, historic buildings may carry particular risks. Bob Geiger discusses some of the issues you should be on the look-out for.

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  • Freddie Mac Rolls Out New Small Loan Program

    In an effort to become more competitively involved in the small balance loan market and to further support affordable housing, Freddie Mac on October 9, 2014 launched a Small Balance Loan Platform (“SBL”) to purchase and securitize small multifamily loans. A number of changes have been made to underwriting requirements that lenders and their borrowers should be aware of.

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  • Industry Still Wary of Construction Risks, Partner Survey Shows

    NEW YORK—Regulatory concerns are the principal focus for more than a third of the lenders participating in a newly released survey on construction risk produced by with Partner Engineering and Science Inc.

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  • For Lenders, Risk Management is a Must

    CHICAGO— “Substantial losses and even bank failures can occur when risks are not well understood and carefully managed,” said Partner Engineering and Science’s Bill Tryon in a one-hour webinar Tuesday.

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  • Under Pressure - Lender Compliance In The New Regulatory Landscape - ON DEMAND through Jan 6th

    Gain critical insight on how to tackle risk and satisfy regulators. -Brief overview of environmental and construction risks in lending -What regulators are now looking to see in a lender’s risk management policy and procedures -How lenders can approach creating or updating these policies and procedures -What lenders should consider about new vendor management requirements With an expert panel of lenders and risk managers, this webinar is a can’t miss for those wanting to successfully navigate this new regulatory landscape. Register now for the COMPLIMENTARY webinar "Under Pressure - Lender Compliance In The New Regulatory Landscape" and catch it October 7, 2014, at 2:00 pm EDT. At the conclusion of the webinar we will make the white paper entitled, “Building Momentum – Construction and Risk in a Post Recession Era,” available for download free of charge to participants.

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  • Building Momentum—Construction and Risk in a Post-Recession Era

    The new white paper from Partner and tackles the new and future risk environments.

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  • How Are US and UK Companies Addressing Greenhouse Gas Emission Risks?

    Both the U.S. and the U.K. have implemented requirements for corporations to disclose their greenhouse gas emissions. In the U.S., minimal enforcement of such requirements means that the real impact on climate change has thus far fallen short.

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  • Out with the Old, In With the New

    Trends in the housing market are on the upswing, and the stock market has shown remarkable earnings in the past year, all positive signs for a recovering economy.

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  • More Lenders Requiring Innovative Remediation Solutions

    Requirements to utilize more innovative, out-of-the-box solutions to address contaminated properties are on the rise.

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  • What is the Key to Successful Brownfield Development?

    Ken Sisk discusses how a multi-disciplinary approach to Brownfield redevelopment will deliver a better designed, more valuable project.

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