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Thought leadership on a variety of CRE related issues including phase 1 and phase 2 environmental site assessments by expert environmental consultants and building engineers.
  • How Driverless Cars Could Impact Real Estate

    LOS ANGELES—Driverless cars could affect everything from where gas stations are placed to how much parking is needed for a given property, Partner Engineering’s Joe Derhake said during RealShare National Investment & Finance.

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  • Investing in Canada? What You Need To Know About Environmental Risk.

    Canada's regulatory and liability landscape is less black and white than the Innocent Landowner requirements in the US, and thorough due diligence is arguably even more critical to adequately protect against losses and liabilities when investing in Canada. Nicole Shelton discusses the local nuances those investing across the border should be aware of.

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  • How to Avoid Due Diligence Roadblocks

    TORRANCE, CA—“I always find it interesting how much information comes out of the woodwork after we identify an issue in one of our reports,” said Jenny Redlin, principal with Partner Engineering & Science, during a one-hour webinar.

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  • Two Steps Ahead: Getting in Front of Due Diligence Issues

    As the commercial property market continues to heat up, competitive pressures are driving the industry towards faster execution and an increased appetite for risk. It is critical for both lenders and investors to understand the risks associated with an asset upfront – but not all issues need be dealbreakers. There are many proactive and reasonable approaches that will help you get in front of red flags to adequately manage risks and liabilities. This webinar will cover the many environmental and engineering issues that should be considered, and offers practical advice for addressing them.

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  • How Can I Be GRESB Ready?

    With the launch of the 2015 GRESB Survey, many portfolio owners are looking for ways to improve the energy and sustainability performance of their buildings. John Rockwell summarizes what you can do to achieve a more favorable GRESB rating as well as ways boost your existing GRESB score.

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  • Top 10 Silly Assumption CRE Investors Make

    In honor of the final Late Show with David Letterman this week, here’s a commercial real estate version of his regular Top Ten List segment: ten common due diligence assumptions investors make that put them on thin ice!

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  • Can Due Diligence Increase Certainty of Closure?

    The way you and your consultant address red flags encountered during the due diligence process can have a great impact on the success of your deal. Frank Romeo discusses some proactive and reasonable approaches that will allow you to get in front of red flags and adequately manage risks and liabilities while increasing certainty of closure.

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  • How Hiring the Right Geotechnical Engineer Can Make You Money

    Information is power, and when buying a commercial real estate asset a geotechnical study can offer critical insights to help give you the upper hand at the negotiating table!

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  • What You Need To Know About OSHA's Revised HazCom Standard

    70% of OSHA violations involve the Hazard Communication Standard, which has recently been revised. Health and Safety expert Brian Maitland, ASP, CSP, CET discusses liabilities, key changes and dates to be aware of to ensure ongoing compliance.

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  • Can Retrofit Ordinances Create Liability Risk?

    The aim of seismic retrofit ordinances is to create a more seismically resilient building stock, limit costly damage, and most importantly - protect life safety of building occupants in case of a severe seismic event. To what extent does non-compliance expose property owners and managers to liability risks?

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