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Anthony J. LoPinto

Anthony J. LoPinto

Global Sector Head, Real Estate, Korn/Ferry International

Tony LoPinto is the Global Sector Leader of Korn Ferry’s Real Estate Practice and founder of SelectLeaders. For the past 18 years LoPinto has been serving his clients with deep knowledge and perspective on talent needs and organizational challenges to public and private companies – knowledge gained from a 25-year career in real estate. Prior to his current position, he founded and served as chief executive officer of a boutique real estate executive search firm, where he oversaw offices in New York, Chicago, Washington, DC, San Francisco and Los Angeles. He has successfully led several high profile search engagements for chief executive officers, directors and a wide-range of executive level positions across all industries and sectors. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in European history from Loyola University in Chicago.

  • Short on Soft Skills


    Short on Soft Skills

    Since the “great recession” of 2008 the bar has been raised in hiring executives, and the rigor surrounding the evaluation of track record, skills…

  • An Olympic-Sized Lesson in Integrity


    An Olympic-Sized Lesson in Integrity

    The Rio Olympics did not disappoint us. It was another two weeks of amazement watching young athletes from almost every nation compete  across almost…

  • M&A Season


    M&A Season

    The REIT world and the multifamily sector were abuzz over the Wall Street Journal’s article announcing Mid-America Apartment's acquisition of Post…

  • Storm Clouds on the Financial Front


    Storm Clouds on the Financial Front

    Dozens of the largest cap companies have been reporting earnings over the past couple of weeks and the results thus far are not very pretty, with profits…

  • Job Offers – Leveling the Playing Field


    Job Offers – Leveling the Playing Field

    In the great state of Massachusetts employers will soon enter a new fencing match with job seekers who are at the stage of a job offer. A law going…

  • Payroll Department


    Payroll Department

    Pay for performance in corporate America has taken hold, but a recent survey suggests it's not quite having the intended results.

  • The Age Factor


    The Age Factor

    Sixty-five is the new fifty-five. A common quote, as boomers are not ready to retire into the sunset.

  • Crayons



    Monday the Wall Street Journal blew the top off of the shopping mall story; department stores are yesterday’s news. The Journal reported that in…

  • The ‘Haves’ and ‘Have-nots’


    The ‘Haves’ and ‘Have-nots’

    Today the Wall Street Journal reported that for the first time, individuals who have a four year degree now outnumber those with a high-school degree. …

  • Miscalculation



    Last week my column, EU Border Control, focused on the diversity of the cultures, languages, political persuasions and outlooks of the members of the…