Dawn Saunders Saunders: “The level of collaboration between landlords and tenants in the life sciences sector is much more critical than with other product types, and being a passive observer will not work if an owner wants to lease to life-sciences companies.”

SAN DIEGO—Life-sciences companies are more heavily regulated than other types of users for items including parking counts, hazardous-materials storage and use and zoning compliance. This permeates many different areas of the lease, Crosbie Gliner Schiffman Southard & Swanson LLP’s newest partner Dawn Saunders tells GlobeSt.com. Specializing in the life-sciences and biotech industries, Saunders has launched a life science/biotech leasing practice for the San Diego-based firm. We sat down with her for an exclusive chat about the unique challenges and opportunities these industries present—from regulatory compliance to the importance of owner/tenant collaboration.