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Geoffery Metz

Geoffery Metz

Geoffery Metz is the Digital Production Editor for, based in the New York City office. Before joining the team, he spent several years overseeing the newsroom at the financial wire service Business Wire, with special focus on multimedia presentation for the web.

  • Removing the Mystery From Asset Management

    Thought Leadership

    Removing the Mystery From Asset Management

    NEW YORK CITY—Asset management could use demystifying. Its role in commercial real estate is vital, yet the practice is still met with confusion or uncertainty,…

  • Retailer 3.0

    Late last week it was reported that Hudson’s Bay, the Canadian retail conglomerate, initiated takeover discussions with Macy’s. While Hudson’s…

  • Attracting the Restaurant


    Attracting the Restaurant

    SAN FRANCISCO—Wouldn’t it be convenient if someone had clear, intelligent answers to most of your CRE-related questions? Problem solved. Nina J.…

  • 2016's Fastest Growing Companies

    2016's Fastest Growing Companies

    2016 was a year of opportunity for several companies. We take a look at some of the biggest winners and growers outpacing their competitors and being true successes in the industry.

  • Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Strip Centers


    Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Strip Centers

    NEW YORK CITY—Think every asset type in the net lease sector has been picked over? Then consider the strip center. While it might lease to multiple tenants,…

  • A Lesson in Successful Transitions


    A Lesson in Successful Transitions

    LOS ANGELES—Lee & Associates founder sits down with CEO Jeff Rinkov and EVP Joe Vargas in an EXCLUSIVE video interview to reflect on the firm’s tremendous growth and his original vision for his namesake company.