NEWPORT BEACH, CA-Marshall Reddick Real Estate Network has completed its first year of a five-year restructure with a new focus and stringent updated practice procedures. The network underwent a thorough restructuring after filing for Chapter 11 in 2009.

“This complete restructure of the firm has allowed us to hire an entirely new group of professionals, implement rigorous checks and balances that accommodate the ever-changing real estate conditions, and move forward in facilitating new practices to educate the next generation of investors to be more knowledgeable,” says Ross Nelson, director of operations for the firm. “We are focused on educating investors to the risks and rewards of investing in real estate, while providing extensive tools and resources to help them understand the ins and outs of long-term, profitable real estate investing.”

The Marshall Reddick Real Estate Network created a revised practice guide for new employees to educate new investors of the risks associated with real estate, as well as to focus on a very strict positive cash flow model for site selection. The firm aims to simplify the process of real estate investment and is concentrating on education-centric initiatives.

“In my more than 32 years in business, I have never seen a cycle come out of a recession with such a preferable investment environment for residential real estate,” explained Dr. Marshall Reddick, founder of the company. “Interest rates and purchase prices have come together with such force simultaneously that investors are able to purchase high-quality homes in great neighborhoods with strong positive cash flow and returns. People are always attracted to the returns on paper for C class, low income properties, but today you are seeing those same attractive returns on A class properties in high-quality neighborhoods.”

The firm also underwent a complete change in management during the restructuring, with only two employees from the former company still working at the firm. The Marshall Reddick Real Estate Network is hiring personnel who bring different real estate backgrounds to help develop new tools and resources for outreach and business development, according to a statement. 

“After the Chapter 11 restructuring, the Marshall Reddick Real Estate Network is like a 30-year-old start-up company with a completely new team, fresh focus on education and is actively developing new resources and tools for past and new investors to give them the opportunity for growth and security,” Nelson adds. “Many companies struggled with the real estate bubble popping, and we were not immune. The Marshall Reddick Real Estate Network is here to help investors of all ages and experience levels interested in the real estate market with low risk, high return properties and an easy-to-understand process that allows them to be financially independent.”

The network was created “to harvest an environment for individuals to be a part of a community of members from students learning to purchase their first investment property to sophisticated landlords, as well as everyone in between,” according to a company release. Members have access to utilizing education tools such as classes, networking, work books, excel performas, economic data and the firm’s greatest asset, mentoring.