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LOS ANGELES-RealShare Real Estate 2012 recently took place here and drew around 900 attendees. This event had quite a Twitter presence as both attendees and GlobeSt.com reporters shared their views and insights into events.

Some interesting attendee responses included:

@thehoytorg – Today at @RealShare panel: Cap rate predictions may head lower – sharpen your pencils guys. #re12 #CRE

Heard this a few times on the @RealShare floor: “slow trend of optimism.” Is there a pattern forming? #re12 #CRE #realestate

@Partner_ESI – Excited to hear about Tom Pools plans for Edwards property in Irvine!@globestlive #re12

@moore2com – RT @globestcom: Doing lots of video interviews today with major players. Look for them at http://t.co/ee8lP3Hc. #CRE #re12

@jujumikey – At Realshare 2012, Industrial panel speaking to the importance of the ports of LA and Long  Beach. #in #re12 #CRE

@Trigild_Inc – When’s the Seventh Inning Stretch? RT @realcapital#re12Panelists: if #distressed #CRE is a baseball game, now in inning 3 or 4…

@1AptBroker@#re12 real share conference. Great info here.

@sweetlandlaw – Happy to be here at RealShare in downtown LA today. Being new to the industry I’m taking lots of notes and learning a lot. #re12

GlobeSt.com reporters also rolled out coverage of the event in the few following days. The stories – and a few key quotes – are as follows:

A Taste for Risk Will Come Back in 2012 “At the beginning of last year, there was a lot of taste for risk, which dried up sharply towards the second half.” Chris Thornberg, a principal at Beacon Economics

Bifurcation Will Define CRE in 2012 ““There is still opportunity,” he said. “There is a lot of opportunity in loans that are maturing.” Jess Bressi, a partner at McKenna Long & Aldrige LLP

Opportunities Are Endless, But Do Your Homework ““The bay area has turned around in the last 18 months that we never thought it would happen that quickly. Lew Horne, an executive managing director at CBRE

Finally, this slideshow offers a peek into the action at RealShare, presenting attendees and highlights from some of the day’s panels:



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RealShare Real Estate

RealShare Real Estate
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