NEW YORK CITY-RealShare Net Lease drew over 250 attendees across the commercial real estate sector to the Marriott Marquis in Times Square here. Many present were active on social networks, particularly Twitter, and they share their views throughout the day.

As noted previously, more commercial real estate entities are starting to accept and use social media as a means of communication. One siginicant way in which Twitter can be leveraged is during live events, as followers of @GlobeStLIVE or @GlobeStcom may have noted. For this particular conference, participants and remote observers were able to track discussions and panels with the hashtag #RSNet12.  

Our editors shared key quotes and points during the session: 

Gore: Traditional #construction lending is “disjointed” and still relies on #Eurozone banks #RSNET12

#cmbs again @GlobeStLIVE#RSNET12 in cmbs 20 year deals prohibitively expensive: Rich Berlinghof @farisleeinvest

Too much capital, too few deals. Panelists say competition for #NNNassets is high #RSNET12

Small deals at 10-year terms are effective when “packaged up” says Berlinghof of Faris Lee #RSNET12

Panelists say that sale leasebacks face competition from the bond market #RSNET12

Despite positive momentum in the #multifamily sector, #construction has been hit hard, and will take time to recover @samchandan#RSNET12

@Deloitte‘s Josh Leonard says #FASB changes can lead to better reporting and more accountability. Do you agree? #RSNET12


Audience participation was encouraged. Some great tweets were from the following:


  • @MLARisk #RSNet12 construction drastically down but much capital chasing deals-conclusion: appetite for limited product making deals very tough
  • @mirseven We don’t know what the fundamental elements of Dodd Frank mean #CRE  #RSNET12  @samchandan
  • @nnn1031 CNL Financial Group Senior Housing growth numbers & demand is a fertile market for growth multi family for seniors #rsnet12
  • @samchandan Congratulations due to @GlobeStcom @GlobeStLIVE @mirseven and the ALM / RealShare team for hosting a great Net Lease conference #RSNET12
  • @normstein #rsnet12 Chandan clear/concise Recession measured by job growth worst in 50 yrs recovery is slow. After 48 mos still down 3.9% in jobs
  • @REISAtweets RealShareNY: Nick Schorsch-ARC; Walgreens are the T-Bill of net leases; banks love em; use as great leverage to buy other property.#rsnet12


Additionally, our reporter, Jackie Hlavenka was on hand covering the event:

FASB Alternatives Could Lessen Lease Accounting Impact

NEW YORK CITY-Panelists at RealShare Net Lease on Tuesday afternoon discussed how the underlying asset approach proposed by FASB and IASB would affect balance sheets.

Chasing Yield, Investors Flock Back to NNN Space

NEW YORK CITY-Panelists at RealShare Net Lease 2012 agreed that properties with stable ownership and long-term leases are gaining speed once again, but competition for these assets is fierce.

Didn’t attend RealShare Net Lease? Check out images from the event below:

<!–function changephoto(slide) { switch (slide) { case 1: document.getElementById('photo').src=''; document.getElementById('caption').innerHTML='RealShare Net Lease Keynote Speaker Dr Sam Chandan
1 / 9′; document.getElementById(‘credit’).innerHTML=”; break; case 2: document.getElementById(‘photo’).src=’’; document.getElementById(‘caption’).innerHTML=’The first panel discussed the state of the net lease market
2 /9′; document.getElementById(‘credit’).innerHTML=”; break; case 3: document.getElementById(‘photo’).src=’’; document.getElementById(‘caption’).innerHTML=’The second panel took a property oriented focus
3 / 9′; document.getElementById(‘credit’).innerHTML=”; break; case 4: document.getElementById(‘photo’).src=’’; document.getElementById(‘caption’).innerHTML=’Lunch presented an opportunity for attendees to interact
4 / 9′; document.getElementById(‘credit’).innerHTML=”; break; case 5: document.getElementById(‘photo’).src=’’; document.getElementById(‘caption’).innerHTML=’More attendees
5 / 9′; document.getElementById(‘credit’).innerHTML=”; break; case 6: document.getElementById(‘photo’).src=’’; document.getElementById(‘caption’).innerHTML=’The REISA team took a break for discussion
6 / 9′; document.getElementById(‘credit’).innerHTML=”; break; case 7: document.getElementById(‘photo’).src=’’; document.getElementById(‘caption’).innerHTML=’Digial content coordinator Miriam Lamey interviewed Sharon Yates of CNL Financial Group
7 / 9′; document.getElementById(‘credit’).innerHTML=”; break; case 8: document.getElementById(‘photo’).src=’’; document.getElementById(‘caption’).innerHTML=’Speakers on the net lease development panel
8 / 9′; document.getElementById(‘credit’).innerHTML=”; break; case 9: document.getElementById(‘photo’).src=’’; document.getElementById(‘caption’).innerHTML=’The final panel focused on domestic and international opportunities in the sale leaseback market
9 / 9′; document.getElementById(‘credit’).innerHTML=”; break; default: document.getElementById(‘photo’).src=’’; document.getElementById(‘caption’).innerHTML=’RealShare Net Lease Keynote Speaker Dr Sam Chandan
1 / 9′; document.getElementById(‘credit’).innerHTML=”; }}// –>

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