NEW YORK CITY-Cassidy Turley’s November 2012 U.S. Retail Report makes the bold statement that the sector will fully recover this year. Fortunately, the company has supporting data to corroborate this. For instance, retail sales are on track to finish 5.5% up from last year’s figures, and growth at the high and low end of the retail spectrum  – literally, from Whole Foods to Family Dollar – presents further encouraging signs that things are on the right track. Additionally, Cassidy Turley reports that sales of motor vehicles, clothing and accessories, electronics and appliances have all registered steady gains since July.

Consumers are ready to go shopping. At least, that’s what the numbers and Cassidy Turley chief economist Kevin Thorpe say. “I would say that 2012 was the year where parts of retail came back…it mostly links back to a healthier consumer.”  These “healthy” consumers will have plenty of opportunity to spend and hit the 70 new Whole Foods stores expected to roll out over the next year nationwide, or save a buck or two at the 500 new Family Dollar outlets coming in 2013. Further, the Consumer Confidence Index, highlights this, registering figures up from 68.4 in September to 72.2 in October. This statistic is its highest level in nearly five years. Despite the fact that many have felt it is far too soon to be hearing carols and seeing Christmas d