Sterling Fry Street – North Texas
University, a 614-bed, 194-unit
community in Denton, TX, is one of
four Sterling University Housing
properties that received LEED for
Homes Gold certifications.<@SM>The Sterling Alvarado – San Diego
State University, with 730 beds in
320 units in San Diego, is one of
two Sterling University Housing
communities in the state to receive
LEED for Homes Gold certifications
from the USGBC.

HOUSTON—Sterling University Housing has recently received LEED for Homes Gold certifications from the US Green Building Council for four of its student housing properties. Sterling is the student housing affiliate of the Dinerstein Cos., which has a stated commitment to providing eco-quality living, green student housing and environmentally friendly apartments.

The properties that received the awards are spread across the country. They include the 206-unit, 734-bed Sterling North Campus – the University of South Florida in Tampa, FL; Sterling Fry Street – North Texas University in Denton, TX, with 614 beds in 194 units; the 216-unit, 598-unit Sterling Highlander – University of California-Riverside in Riverside, CA; and the Sterling Alvarado – San Diego State University, with 730 beds in 320 units in San Diego.

The LEED for Homes certification program rewards energy- and resource-efficient design and construction practices. This certification in particular requires the completion of a rigorous process that performs home energy ratings and rigorous on-site inspections to verify each home is built to be energy and water efficient, environmentally sound and a healthier place to live.

Each Sterling Community is projected to have substantially lower utility bills, improved indoor air quality. All the Sterling University Housing communities are expected to have considerably lower utility bills and improved indoor air quality, and will feature high-end energy upgrades and services including on-site electric car charging stations and preferred parking for Fuel Efficient Vehicles.

The two California properties, Sterling Alvarado and Sterling Highlander, each earned an energy rating over 20% higher than California’s Title-24 Energy Code, thanks partly to ultra-efficient ductless mini-split HVAC systems, Energy Star appliances and windows and tankless water heaters. Sterling Fry Street’s energy rating was 19.3% better than ASHRAE 90.1-2004 and Sterling North Campus’ was 28% higher.