Tis the season...

NEW YORK CITY-It’s that time of year again when a lull falls over the commercial real estate industry. Things settle, somewhat, between Thanksgiving and the New Year. Outstanding deals are quickly finalized, those last sales squeak in, and brokers and executives alike let their hair down…just a little.

In a recent interview withCassidy Turley’s Linda McDonough, she was asked “what’s on your commercial real estate wishlist for 2013?” In other words, we wanted to know just what she hoped to see in the Boston market and generally across the field.

Her answer?

My New Year’s “wish list” would include two items. First, I would like to see Boston’s commercial real estate market continuing to grow and leading the way for the national real estate recovery. Second, I hope Boston’s commercial real estate market will continue attracting the top-tier tenants it has during the past several years. With the high rents and low vacancies we are seeing in areas like East Cambridge and in certain exits along Route 128, it seems that the demand for space is as strong as ever, and I hope it continues to strengthen in the New Year.”

Now we want to hear from you. What do you hope to see in the industry come 2013 (that is, of course, if the Mayan predictions are incorrect and we make it past December 21)? How do you think that your market will fare – and why? And just what is going to happen with this fiscal cliff deal?

Weigh in with your opinion in the comments section below.