Studley's Montana says the industry in the city is faring well.

The Real Estate Board of New York will be having its annual banquet on Jan. 17 presenting various awards to high-profile recipients. One of them is William Montana, a managing director at Studley, who is the winner of this year’s Young Real Estate Man of the Year Award. He spoke with us recently about with the award and organization mean to him. Click here for more information about REBNY’s 117th annual event. What does winning the award mean to you?

William Montana: It means I’ve been recognized by people I greatly respect for being an active and involved member of the real estate community in general, particularly with the YMWREA and with REBNY. I guess it means that I am in good company, and to now be in their company is humbling, rewarding and it feels great. How has REBNY benefitted you and your colleagues over the years?

Montana: REBNY is the leading real estate organization in the United States, not just New York. It provides its members with effective representation at the national, state and local level and makes sure that our elected officials support what we need. It provides its members with the best real-time market information that helps us transact and represent our clients better. REBNY holds symposiums with the best speakers that to keep us informed of the latest developments and trends. Their events are always fantastic networking opportunities where members create the important relationships that allow deals to happen easily. Like most organizations, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. What will the mood be like at the banquet this year?

Montana: The current situation in Washington and the upcoming Mayoral election are both cause for some concern. However, there is much to be thankful for: New York fared quite well through the recent downturn and employment recovered much more quickly than anyone had forecast. While the financial services industry is not currently the robust renter of office space that it usually is, our economy has diversified. There are many other industries that are growing. I would think the people in attendance would be very appreciative to be operating in a market that is so robust and resilient.