DALLAS-As home construction rebounds in Texas, Housing Capital Co., a subsidiary of US Bank, is expanding its presence in the state, recently opening offices in Dallas and Houston.

 “Dallas-Fort Worth is one of the leaders in job growth and our market has never suffered loss of value,” said U.S. Bank’s Sam Meade, who spoke with the Dallas Business Journal. “A longtime North Texas residential lender, Meade now leads the four-person Dallas office. “There seems to be a recovery, although it’s slow, and we thought it was better to enter the market as it comes up rather than wait for a full-stage recovery,” he told the Journal.

US Bank National Association is a subsidiary of Minneapolis-based U.S. Bancorp (NYSE: USB).

Meade spent 19 years managing the Texas division of Guaranty Bank’s hombuilder finance sector.  Housing Capital Co.’s three-person Houston office will be led by Brandi Hermis.

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