PHILADELPHIA-Councilman Bobby Henon has revised his views on rezoning the 68-acre former Philadelphia Coke industrial site on the Delaware River.

Henon is co-chair of Philadelphia Mayor Nutter’s Manufacturing Task Force, which is trying to lure manufacturing firms back to the city in partnership with the Philadelphia Industrial Development Corp. He had been advocating rezoning the site from residential to industrial. However, according to a report in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Henon has revised his position after a heated session with Bridesburg constituents earlier this week and is now considering a mixed-use development there.

“I believe we need to be thinking bigger and longer term,” Henon told constituents in a statement obtained by the newspaper. “Why can’t we have a mixed-use development? Why can’t we have a park that our schools can use? Why can’t we bring a responsible high-tech manufacturer to the neighborhood to create jobs? Why can we create a more livable, walk-able community? We have so many great opportunities.” See story in the Philadelphia Inquirer.