Flood Building retail tenants should expect to see immediate energy savings and 15% reduction of utility costs.

SAN FRANCISCO-Carbon Lighthouse has completed a retrofit on the Flood Building, a historic downtown San Francisco office and retail building. Cumulatively, the retrofits will save the tenants of the Flood Building over $1 million in lifetime energy costs while eliminating 870 tons of CO2 per year over the 12-year to 15-year lifespan of the project.

The key to Carbon Lighthouse’s ability to unlock energy savings, according to a prepared statement, is a propriety thermodynamics engine (MOE) that taps big data to locate hidden but substantial energy savings. MOE taps into 12 years of weather satellite data and highly granular building characteristic data to accurately predict and model energy savings for 10 years in the future. 

As a result, “Carbon Lighthouse has helped close to 100 clients, including the Flood Building, achieve energy savings that are impossible to find by auditors relying on simple utility data and site inspections,” says the statement.

Carbon Lighthouse executed three types of building improvements, each without any disruption to, or notice by, tenants:

  •     Installed a computerized central management system that gives property management increased visibility and remote control over building operations
  •     Improved the building’s HVAC system by optimizing the balance between the speed of the building’s condenser water pumps and the temperature of water flowing through them
  •     Completed a number of lighting improvements, replacing and updating lighting in several areas of the building.

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