PHILADELPHIA-Joseph Proccacci, one of the bidders for the second casino license in Philadelphia, has a new investor, Walter P. Lomax, chairman of Lomax Cos.

Proccacci, who is one of six bidders for the Philadelphia casino, introduced Lomax as a new investor in his venture on Tuesday. Lomax, an investor in the health care industry, along with his family, are now stakeholders in Casino Revolution, a proposed casino that, if approved, would be built in South Philadelphia on Front Street and Pattison Ave.

“We want to bring a first-class casino to Philadelphia,” Lomax said at the press conference held at 3333 S. Front St., the headquarters of Procacci Brothers Sales Corp. “In gaming, there are three things you need: an operator, a site, and management. We have a platinum operator, platinum location, and a platinum manager.”

All six bidders for the second casino in the city will make their first presentations to the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board on Feb. 12 at the Convention Center. See story in the Philadelphia Inquirer.