EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ-Despite a recent pledge by Gov. Chris Christie that work would begin in January, the month came and went without major work at the long-delayed American Dream Mall project getting restarted.

Last month, Gov. Christie stood before a large throng of union laborers in Aberdeen and proclaimed, “We’re going to get American Dream going, and we’re going to get it going in January.”

The massive retail and entertainment project has been dormant since 2009. Gov. Christie last Thursday stressed that developer Triple Five was “very close to completing an agreement to get the development moving.” He said possible litigation by the Jets and the Giants has been a factor in the construction delay, according to The Record.

“Believe me, I’ve spent more time on the American Dream project than I ever thought I would have to,” Christie said at a news conference last week in East Newark. “But it’s important for job development in this state, it’s important for economic growth, and I believe the teams and the developers are reaching an accommodation that will allow them to be friendly neighbors over the next couple of decades.”

New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority President Wayne Hasenbalg said regarding the project’s master plan, “We’re still doing our due diligence related to reviewing the application,” Hasenbalg said. “I’m still very optimistic that things will get resolved very soon.” He told the newspaper that the master plan could come before the board at its meeting on Feb. 14. See story in The Record.