San Francisco-Muni Metro vehicle

SAN FRANCISCO-Earlier today, outlined some key points in Mayor Edwin Lee’s State of the City Address for San Francisco, which focused on a number of things, including re-envisioning the manner in which government provides housing to its lowest-income residents is a priority in 2013.

In addition, the Mayor notes that planning, building and maintaining a reliable public transportation system are among the City’s most critical challenges.

Mayor Lee revealed in his speech that he will convene a San Francisco Transportation 2030 Task Force that will include regional transportation agencies, key stakeholders and the technology community to “develop a comprehensive roadmap and coordinated set of priorities and actionable recommendations to maintain the condition of the City’s streets and make Muni and other transportation systems more reliable.”

And on the education side, because of reforms and renewed partnerships, the San Francisco Unified School District is continuing its progress, “as evidenced by its ranking as one of the highest performing urban school districts in the State with test scores at an all-time high, truancy down, and graduation rates up,” he says. “Progress includes double digit performance gains by African-American and Latino students over the last five years.”

Mayor Lee also revealed that he will propose nearly $50 million for public schools and an annual $25 million for universal pre-school, more resources provided by the City than at any other time in San Francisco history.