ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, NJ-The battle over the design of the LG Electronics USA Inc. headquarters here took a dramatic turn over the weekend. The firm answered its critics with a full-page ad in the Sunday edition of The Record.

The company characterized its proposed 143-ft tower as an economic juggernaut that would create jobs, a cutting-edge example of environmental design and a project that has community support, according to The Record.

“When you look at the big picture of jobs and economic development and growth on the New Jersey side versus the concerns—and valid concerns—of the arts community on the New York side, it’s a balancing act,” said John Taylor, vice president of communications and public affairs at LG Electronics.

Larry Rockefeller, a trustee with the Natural Resources Defense Council, along with other preservation groups have urged LG to redesign its headquarters project to preserve views of the northern Palisades.

“It’s a flawed design that does not respect the integrity of a national landmark,” said Mark Izeman, a senior attorney with the NRDC. “LG’s executives can find a perfectly suitable design that could achieve its office space needs and create just as many jobs.”

If approved, the new headquarters at a111 Sylvan Ave. would allow LG to consolidate 500 employees in several buildings in Englewood Cliffs and 450 others in the tri-state area on one site. See story in The Record.