NEW YORK CITY-One of the most interesting things about Twitter is instantaneous interaction.  You can ask a question, and a social media manager can quickly and easily turn around an answer. How can this be seen to easily? Responses sent directly to an account – using the “@” handle – pop up in the feed.

This way, when we want to hear your views on a story, we see them immediately. 

This week, there have been a few interesting answers to some of the questions we posted. For instance:

  • @GlobeStcom - Brokers: Apparently the TX Gov. is taking CA ads to encourage TX relocation. Heard this? What are your thoughts?

@AaronLevitt - @GlobeStcom Playing up the fact that Texas has lower taxes after the latest election

@AaronLevitt - Realistically? Most likely not. The two states have very different “cultures” I don’t think too many firms will jump ship.


@KeithAuten - @GlobeStcom Yes, there are some headwinds, but the numbers show a high probability of #Multifamily demand growth for the short-medium term.




@KossREsource - @GlobeStcom We are certainly always glad to hear a positive outlook about the future of the industry.


So what’s the moral of the story here? Answering questions via Twitter can be a great way to weigh in on a topic quickly and give insight into a story we’re working on or industry issue. And we tend to feature the most interesting or relevant on our National PM alerts – so please, feel free to share your views.