TRENTON, NJ-The New Jersey Legislature by approving changes recommended by Gov. Chris Christie has all but cleared the way for online casino gaming in the state.

The Assembly passed the amended measure by a 68-5 vote on Tuesday and the Senate approved the bill by an overwhelming 35-1 margin. Gov. Christie had conditionally vetoed an earlier version of the measure this month, but is expected to sign the amended bill, according to The Star Ledger.

“New Jersey’s gaming industry must, like just about everything else in today’s economy, offer an Internet option if it’s to remain competitive,” says Assemblyman Vincent Prieto (D-Hudson) in a statement. “This is a carefully crafted plan designed to ensure internet gaming on casino games is offered the right way and is a much-needed competitive step forward for our casinos that could also raise more revenue to benefit senior and disabled citizens.” See story in The Star Ledger.