The campus is on track to be certified LEED Platinum.

SEATTLE-A new campus has been created for Northeastern University—Seattle. Designed by the Seattle office of international architecture and design firm Perkins+Will, the University’s extension campus is located in the flourishing South Lake Union neighborhood.

Although those involved could not disclose any construction price, we learned that the campus and its location are designed to “enhance the University’s hybrid graduate degree offerings by providing local access to classroom courses.”

Dan Seng, project manager at Perkins+Will, says that Northeastern University—Seattle wanted to “make a splash” with the design, and “create a space with gusto. “As a new institution on the Seattle scene, Northeastern wanted to make sure that the campus was a vibrant, noticeable and welcoming addition to the neighborhood.”

The clear glass lower level provides inviting views of contemporary design for the street outside and Amazon’s headquarters across the street, according to a prepared statement. A student lounge includes large interactive HD displays accessed with university-provided iPads—a telecom infrastructure upgrade was part of the project.

The design maximized the use of space on a small footprint, according to the release, “taking advantage of the generous 18-foot floor-to-floor height by creating a mezzanine level for administrative offices.”

FSC-certified wood used in the office walls, flooring and stair risers balance the gleaming glass and high-tech gadgets with natural accents, and the use of low-emitting materials throughout the project help insure healthy indoor air quality.

In addition, floor-to-ceiling clear glass windows also allow for the maximum daylight available to flood the rooms, cutting energy use for both heating and lighting.

Those factors and other sustainable elements, according to Perkins+Will, including the use of recycled materials and energy-efficient lighting, mean the campus is on track to be certified LEED Platinum.