HOUSTON-Grocery retailer Fiesta Mart plans to open a Sugar Land location later this year in the Sugar Creek shopping center.

The store will be approximately 41,000 square feet, according to Fiesta Mart’s plans.  The store’s new location, 13833 Highway 59, was previously occupied by a Gerlands’ Grand Market, an upscale food market which closed last year, says the Fort Bend News.

“We are currently lean on details,” said David De Kanter with Fiesta. “We should be more forthcoming in a couple of months.”

This would be the first Fiesta location in the city of Sugar Land and third in Fort Bend County. Fiesta, based in nearby Houston, has more than 30 locations throughout the Houston area and several in the Dallas/Fort Worth and Austin metro areas.

The store caters to a wide variety of markets, though it emphasizes products marketed towards the Hispanic community.

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