NEW YORK CITY-Joining a chorus of opposition in New Jersey to the development of an office tower along the Palisades, Manhattan Borough president Scott Stringer and Bronx Borough president Ruben Diaz Jr. called on New Jersey Governor Chris Christie on Wednesday to directly intervene and halt the construction, according to an announcement from the Manhattan Borough president’s office.

LG Electronics Corp. plans to construct a 143-foot high office tower in Englewood Cliffs, NJ. While the town’s local officials have given the project a green light, the tower would obstruct a natural resource enjoyed by both New Jerseyans and New Yorkers, the politicians assert.

“For hundreds of years, the residents of your state and ours have enjoyed unspoiled, pristine views of the Palisades, and this proposal threatens to change that forever,” wrote Stringer and Diaz Jr. “The Palisades are a natural treasure. And while they are physically located in New Jersey, they are of such importance to the people and the cultural institutions of New York City that our own development rules have ensured that their view is not obstructed.”

In addition to joining New Jerseyans, the borough presidents join Bronx Community Board 8 and Manhattan Community Board 12 in calling for re-consideration of the development. Stringer and Diaz’ letter says in part, “We urge you to intervene directly with LG Electronics to reach a solution that will preserve the Palisades while also assisting the company with its expansion needs.

“We are not opposed to LG Electronics, and in fact we congratulate them on their success,” the letter continues. “But that success cannot come at the cost of the Palisades, a natural resource that looks virtually the same today as it did when the United States was first settled.”