Portman-CMC's plan

MIAMI—The South Florida Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (SFLHCC) has endorsed Portman-CMC‘s redevelopment plan for the Miami Beach Convention Center district. The chamber liked the plan for its retail and pedestrian-centric design and also called Portman’s reputation for developing quality convention centers and hotels into account.

“Portman-CMC’s plan is good for retail business and good for Lincoln Road,” wrote Liliam M. Lopez, SFLHCC president and CEO. “I hope that the Mayor and Commissioners take this into account when making their final decision.”

In the open letter, the SFLHCC also pointed to financial benefits the plan would offer both to the City and to local businesses and employers: “We feel that Portman-CMC has done a superior job in protecting the shops of Lincoln Road. It seems clear that Portman-CMC offers a better financial plan to Miami Beach by paying 33% more for retail space than their competitors.”