St. Petersburg

ST. PETERSBURG, RUSSIA—Consulting firm Bright Rich/CORFAC International has been awarded the exclusive marketing assignment and listing for a new commercial business center in St. Petersburg that will be the first newly-constructed LEED Gold building in the historic Russian city.

Called Eco Status, the class A project is being built to qualify for certification by the US Green Building Council (USGBC) for the environmental and sustainable features that are being integrated into construction of the new office building, which includes ground-floor retail. The general contractor is Renaissance Construction.

When complete and if the owners certify the building with USGBC, it would be only the sixth LEED certified building in Russia and the second in St. Petersburg. In 2010 a Moscow property was the first to be LEED certified in Russia and an office building in St. Petersburg was renovated to LEED Gold earlier this year.

Located in St. Petersburg historic district at Ligovsky Prospect, 140 and about 200 meters from the metro station “Obvodny canal,” the eight-story office and retail building totals 6,080 square meters (approximately 65,445 square feet) plus two atrium terraces. Marina Kukharenko, acting head of the department, foreign markets, of Bright Rich/CORFAC International won the listing and is marketing space in the building on a lease basis.

The average leasable floor area in the building is 590 square meters (approximately 6,349 square feet) and divisible from 50 square meters (538 square feet) to 300 square meters.

The business property is scheduled for completion and ready for occupancy June 20.

In addition to the sustainability features of the building, the project will have a unique automatic elevator-parking system designed to save time for people working in the building. There is also guest parking at the site.

“The great location, certified LEED design and high service-level makes this property a very attractive location for major Russian and foreign companies,” said Kukharenko, whose firm is based in St. Petersburg and joined CORFAC International in 2012.


Green building and other special features for the office space include:

* Centralized, multi-zone air conditioning chiller-fan coil (CFC)

*  Variable ventilation system controlled by sensors CO2, which offers substantial savings and filters air pollution

* Solar panels, wind turbines, LED lighting, energy-efficient windows that reduce energy costs

*  Two elevators with capacity of 1125 kg (13-15 people) with energy recovery systems, the elevator produces its own electricity

*  Water filtration