Tishman International's A2 office building, a 194,000-square-foot, class A office component of the Sofia Airport Center development, has achieved LEED Gold Certification from the USGBC.

SOFIA, BULGARIA-Tishman International’s A2 office building, a 194,000-square-foot, class A office component of the Sofia Airport Center development, has achieved LEED Gold Certification from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).

The recently completed building is a key part of Tishman International’s 2.1-million-square-foot (210,000-square-meter) commercial, mixed-use development project. The A2 office building is the only LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold certified commercial project in Bulgaria, and one of only three office buildings in the Southeastern European region to achieve this level of USGBC certification.

“This high level of certification is very rarely achieved in Europe,” noted Alan Levy, chairman of Tishman International. “Our office building was planned and constructed to meet the requirements of the LEED certification system from the very beginning.  Now that it has performed even better and qualified for a higher level of certification than was expected, we are extremely pleased.”

The certification has been based on the detailed evaluation of the building’s overall performance and sustainability, including strategies and policies used in planning, construction, operations, and maintenance. Among the many factors considered were energy and water efficiency, interior microclimate, materials and products used in construction, the construction process and waste removal as well as how this information is communicated to building users, and how well the project fits within the local environment.

Among SAC’s sustainable features are:

*  A high-performance, multi-zone VAV heating and cooling system that, combined with a high-performance façade, reduces energy consumption;

*  Use of regional and environmentally friendly materials and construction products;

*  Use of state-of-the-art energy tracking and analysis technologies that conserve natural resources, provide a healthy, comfortable interior environment, and reduce operating costs;

*  Abundant natural daylighting in all tenant areas through open atriums and double-gazed windows;

*  A system of green roofs that reduces rain water runoff during intense storms, while creating landscape features and habitat for local wildlife;

*  A commitment by the building owner that the open park space and lake areas around the building will be preserved to offer SAC users a quiet place to relax and enjoy nature; and

*  Innovative communication with tenants, including the provision of a comprehensive and regularly updated tenant handbook and a social platform for tenants available on the project’s website. 

Tishman International, a global real estate investment firm headquartered in Los Angeles with operations throughout Europe, is pioneering green building development in Eastern Europe. The company’s commitment to a concept of building green is further recognized by its partnership with CleanTech, a Bulgarian organization dedicated to promoting sustainable corporate development.