NEW YORK CITY—”There is a lot of confidence going into 2014,” says Marcus & Millichap’s  Hessam Nadji in a video posted to the Marcus & Millichap website. The Thought Leader joined the crew of CNBC’s “Worldwide Exchange” to discuss the latest CRE Investor Sentiment Survey and what it means for the upcoming year.

Because of greater political and fiscal certainty, Nadji reads the survey as indicating optimism for 2014. Citing the survey’s close correlation with US job growth, the index has proven a reliable indicator of the overall direction of the economy, says Nadji.

Nadji outlines the correlation between jobs and interest rates, and how the greater climate of certainty has outweighed rate hikes.

Also discussed in the video:

  • The sectors with the best potential for growth in 2014 
  • How, if at all, the increase in federal interest rates will impact competitive yields 
  • Vacancy rates in both multifamily apartments and industrial and office space 
  • The demographic shifts and economic trends likely to impact the different commercial real estate sectors

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