Henderson will spearhead Calkain's recruitment efforts.

RESTON, VA-Net lease brokerage powerhouse Calkain Cos. is making its first-ever concentrated push to expand into new markets, via an in-house program of recruitment. It has tapped Teal Henderson, who has represented Calkain successfully in two different regions, to lead the effort.

Previously, Calkain’s growth has occurred organically, via conversations from people that have worked with the firm in the past. Now Calkain will begin its collaboration with colleagues interested in becoming part of its established platform, seeking to educate them on how it has risen in a highly competitive industry.

“We’re interested in talking to people who will be able to share Calkain’s vision and culture as well as become part of an organization that will be able to foster their goals and increase their long-term earnings,” says David Sobelman, EVP and managing partner at Calkain. The company cites Henderson’s success in two different offices—Tampa, FL and then St. Louis, where two years ago she was tasked with running the location and establishing the firm’s presence in the Midwest—as an example of how it’s able to support, develop and grow new markets throughout the US.

The first order of business will be outreach to small to mid-sized net lease brokerage firms as well as individual brokers in the New York City, Chicago, Dallas and major California markets. Over time, Calkain will also establish a presence in the Carolinas, Atlanta, Seattle and Denver. “Now seems like the right time to have Teal increase our presence in key markets where our growth pattern is most apparent,” says Jonathan Hipp, Calkain’s president and CEO.