Oschin moderated a panel on moving from a non-traded REIT to an exchange listing at this week's REISA Spring Symposium in San Diego.

IRVINE, CA—Daniel Oschin has joined the Shopoff Group as COO. Oschin will lead the initiative to create a dynamic platform, develop innovative products, advance and promote the Shopoff brand and oversee the operations that support the company, its offerings and the industry that it serves.

According to Bill Shopoff, founder and CEO of the Shopoff Group, “We are confident that Daniel’s extensive knowledge and unique combination of real estate, securities, business and management expertise will be accretive to the evolution of our outstanding organization and team. With Daniel’s experience and management skills, we are increasing our visibility, network and value proposition to bring to a broader market real estate opportunities that others are challenged to recognize.”

Oschin has extensive experience in development, acquisitions, property and asset management, redevelopment, divestment and syndication of more than $500 million in commercial property investments. As a leader in the real estate securities industry, he has been instrumental in the creation of more than 100 direct-investment offerings, resulting in the procurement of more than $2 billion in assets. He is president emeritus of REISA, a national alternative-investments capital-formation organization representing more than 20,000 constituents, and serves as co-chair of the association’s conference committee.

Earlier this week, Oschin moderated a panel on moving from a non-traded REIT to an exchange listing at REISA’s Spring Symposium in San Diego. The panel discussed what REITs should do when going through the listing process, including focusing on the asset class they know, sticking with between 30% and 40% leverage, and thinking of the listing as a beginning rather than an end.

Regarding his new appointment, Oschin says, “Many investors don’t have the experience or resources to source properties that can be cultivated to generate growth. I believe that Bill Shopoff and the tenured executives at the Shopoff Group stand out in a crowded marketplace with the talent, perception, knowledge and track record to meet and exceed the challenges of the market and the needs of investors.”

Regarding the real estate industry, he adds, “We are at the point of exceptional convergence of the real estate markets and the economy, making it more imperative than ever that people invest in hard assets. They must do so selectively and with a prudent strategy to create value, rather than hoping that timing or luck will create it for them.”