HOUSTON–In a move to expand the company’s business, Taylor Consulting Inc. is making the switch from sports consulting to the real estate industry. The company is working to build a portfolio of assets for rehabilitation and rent or resale, with a focus on the Houston market.

“The real estate market is exploding with demand in Texas,” says Scott Wheeler, president and CEO, in a statement. “We plan to grow our national brand by sticking close to home at first, acquiring properties with great potential and multiple marketing strategies.”  

As part of the move to break into the real estate industry, Taylor Consulting has begun shortlisting assets for acquisition rehabilitation, and potential resale. The company is already looking into a number of assets in Houston and throughout Texas, with a multiple-market strategy in mind. Additionally, the company is evaluating both undeveloped land and commercial, single-family and multi-family properties.

Taylor Consulting recently signed a preliminary agreement to acquire Mustang Investment & Property Group. This company was formerly headed by Wheeler, Taylor Consulting’s president and CEO.

“This acquisition is a big step for Taylor Consulting as we transition away from sports consulting into the fast-paced, potentially lucrative business of buying, selling and developing real estate,” Wheeler says. “Mustang will give TAYO the tools and infrastructure we need to hit the ground running.”

The acquisition is expected to be finalized this week. Attempts to contact Taylor Consulting for additional commentary were unsuccessful.